Features by Laurel Morales

Cell phone dead zones bring a call for more towers

There are large areas of the country where you still can't get a cell phone signal.
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Sequester hits Native Americans' mental health services

The suicide rate for Native Americans is nearly four times the national average, but many tribes' mental health services have been compromised by the sequester.
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The battle over uranium mining near the Grand Canyon

As of 2012, new uranium mining claims are prohibited near the Grand Canyon. So mining companies are reopening old mines, and looking for other ways around the ban.
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Health clinics brace for 'pent-up demand'

The recent Supreme Court ruling has a lot of health care providers scrambling to deal with more patients.
Posted In: health care reform law

Mega-wildfires spark costly decisions

Southwest forest fires are getting bigger and more costly, which means officials have to decide which blazes they can afford to fight.
Posted In: fire, wildfire, forest management

Ban on uranium mining near Grand Canyon set to expire

A battle is brewing over uranium mining on land near the Grand Canyon. A House bill would allow mining on the land. Proponents say it would help the area economy; opponents fear an environmental disaster.
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