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Foreign aid cut won't have big effect on average Egyptians

The White House has decided to cut some military aid to Egypt. But the impact won't be felt among regular Egyptians.
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Once welcomed, Syrians in Egypt now face hostility

Egypt once gave a warm welcome to Syrians fleeing the country's civil war but as more have come the welcome is wearing thin.
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Egypt's trains falter; microbuses fill the gap

Egypt's new government has suspended the national rail service. This is bad news for most Egyptians, but good news for the country's microbus drivers.
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Western businesses pull out of Egypt

What happens to business when a country is in chaos?
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Egypt's state of emergency could have major effects on economy

Today the military-backed government of Egypt declared a month-long state of emergency -- as supporters of deposed President Mohamed Morsi continue to clash with security forces.
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At start of Ramadan, Egypt still feeling the strain

Turmoil continues in Egypt, but as news of $12 billion in aid and an interim prime minister appointment take hold, life on the ground in Cairo is also changing.
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In Egypt, political turmoil hits tourism business

Violent clashes between rival political factions, the army and police are scaring off tourists in a country where 10% of the economy is tourism-related.
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Egypt's interim government faces tough economic issues

Egypt has sworn in an interim president, but it's not clear how much time the public will give him to solve the country's ongoing economic problems.
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Reporter's Notebook: In Egypt, report or stay safe?

Egyptian coup leaves freelance journalist a choice between on-the-ground reporting and risks to her safety.
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Markets spike on Egypt's sharp turn

Markets in Egypt rose so quickly this morning officials had to temporarily suspend trading.
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