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Bankers target Dubai for jobs

With layoffs becoming almost routine in the banking industry, options for financial professionals are dwindling. Many are circulating their resumes around the fast-growing market of Dubai. Kelly McEvers reports.
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Even Dubai feels economic pain

Dubai's dream of having the biggest and best of everything was believed to be impervious to global economic slowdown, but Kelly McEvers reports there are signs the city is feeling economic malaise too.
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A prostitute's life in Azerbaijan

Samanta lives in Baku, Azerbaijan, which a multi-million pipeline has turned into a boomtown. She isn't part of the boom, but does well, because she is tall, foreign-looking and believably female. Good traits for a transgender sex worker in Baku.
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Saudis stall in shift to women drivers

In Saudi Arabia, strict religious laws forbid women from driving. There's talk of changing that rule in the next couple of years. But in the meantime, it's keeping women out of the workforce. Kelly McEvers reports.
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Saudis slow to accept working women

To reduce its dependence on foreign workers, Saudi Arabia's government is hiring more women and encouraging the private sector to do the same. But change isn't coming easily. Kelly McEvers reports from Riyadh.
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