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The numbers for May 20, 2013: From zero to $1.1 billion

$1.1 billion

The amount Yahoo will pay to purchase blog-site Tumblr. In case you wondering, Tumblr gets it's name from early short weblogs which were called "tumble logs." (Kottke.org)


The number of people who supposedly switched from Tumblr to Wordpress after word of Yahoo's acquisition leaked. (VentureBeat)


The number of points German band Cascada got from Eurovision pop song contest judges in 34 out of 39 countries. Some German commentators think it's retribution for their government pushing strict economic austerity around the euro-zone. (Politics.co.uk)


The percent of people who say they have or would commit "Netflix adultery" -- that is, watch episodes ahead of their partner that they promised to save to watch together. (New York)


How many tweets it will take to record a show from Brazil's largest satellite provider, Sky. (AdAge)

The numbers for May 8, 2013: That $5,000 mustache transplant

$9.7 billion:

The total profit reported by Toyota for its most recent fiscal year. This is in part the story of a weaker Japanese yen, which adds value to Toyota's overseas profits. (New York Times)


The amount of time it will take you to watch Daniel Sierra's video based on oscillating sine waves that create sound. Sierra made the video for his Master's thesis project at New York's School of Visual Arts. (Gizmodo)


The typical cost of a mustache transplant in Turkey. The county is the hot place to have the procedure because surgeons have a wealth of experience. (The Wall Street Journal)


The number of low income people who won’t have healthcare in Missouri due to Medicaid extensions being shot down. (Politico)


The fee Frontier Airlines could charge you for a carry-on bag. Spirit Airlines has announced it will dump its toll free number. And across the Atlantic, European airliner Ryanair has experimented with its own cost-saving measures, charging passengers to use the bathroom in flight. They are creative, those airlines. (LA Times)

The numbers for May 7, 2013: I'd like to buy a vowel


The amount lost on your pay check for every extra letter in your name, according to the career search website, TheLadders. It mined user data to show that the shorter your first name, the bigger your paycheck. Extra letters come at a cost of a cool $3,600, the website says. Good for you, Ted, Jim and Bob. (TheLadders Blog)


The number of computers hacked by 18 middle school students at a school in Alaska who snagged administrators' log-ins and used it to mess with classmates. Talk about a recipe for detention. Here's hoping they grow up to use their hacking skills for good, not evil. (via BBC)


The number of years Fox's reality TV show "Cops" ran on prime-time television. After 900 episodes it has earned the crown as the longest-running show on prime-time television. The show moves to Spike TV this fall. (Hollywood Reporter)


The number of singers celebrating the opening of their namesake museum in Stockholm, Sweden, this week. ABBA (Ulvaeus, Anni-Frid Lyngstad, Benny Andersson and Agnetha Faltskog) has sold 400 million records in its musical tenure. The museum includes scale models of the band's kitchen and a little cottage where some of musical magic happened. (LA Times)

The numbers for May 3, 2013: Jobs numbers and $1 tacos


The unemployment rate as of April 2013. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the economy added 165,000 jobs last month, beating analyst expectations, and to its lowest since December 2008. The labor department also revised February and March to 332,000 and 138,000 jobs added, respectively. (Marketplace.org)


The number of operating systems being tested by Pentagon security experts for security vulnerabilities. After an evaluation, the Department of Defense approved two new OSs: Blackberry 10 and the Knox version of Android on many Samsung phones. (Yahoo News)


The number of Twitter followers (and counting) accumulated to date by "The Oracle from Omaha" since joining the social network. His first tweet, "Warren is in the House," came ahead of Berkshire Hathaway's annual meeting this weekend. (@WarrenBuffett@WarrenBuffet)


The number of STD tests the new health-sharing app Qpid suggests you get ... and then share with the world! Maybe too social? (Qpid.me)


The jump in suicide rates for middle-aged Americans this decade. (NYTimes)


As if Doritos flavored taco shells aren't enough to entice you, Taco Bell says it is working on a new "low-end" menu. The new $1 menu will be tested in Sacramento and Kansas City. (BusinessInsider)

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