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10 things Apple could buy with its cash stockpile

Apple has got a lot of cash -- $146 billion. That's enough to buy 10 Mark Zuckerbergs or treat cancer in the U.S. for over a year.
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The numbers for July 23, 2013: Surprising discoveries

23 and 69

The ages when we, humans, are at our happiest, in general, according to a new survey from the London School of Economics. (Time)

$100 billion

The estimated annual cost of cyber crime to the U.S. economy. Sounds big, but the figure is actually one-tenth of previous estimates (Marketplace)

No. 1

Luanda, Angola, ranks as the most expensive city in the world for ex-patriots. The country is Africa's second largest oil exporter these days and that cash is driving up prices. (Telegraph)

Tuition snapshot: Parents, high-income families paying less for college

According to a new report from student loan servicer Sallie Mae, parents are shelling out less money for their kid's college tuition. Before you break out the champagne, let's explore those numbers.
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The numbers for July 22, 2013: Heat breaks

82 degrees

The current temperature outside Marketplace's New York bureau. After a week of sweltering 90 degree weather, the low 80's are good news by us. (Weather.com)

61 percent

The proportion of Americans who plan to work during their summer vacation. That's up sharply from 52 percent last year. (LAT)


The number of people who have drunk another person's distilled sweat using a new machine made by developers in Sweden. Yes, that's right, the machine takes sweat from soggy clothes and turns it into drinkable water -- which is allegedly cleaner that Sweden's local tap water. (BBC)

19 million

And now to a different kind of heat. 19 million households in the UK will reportedly have to opt in or out of online pornography access. It's part of a new effort by Prime Minister David Cameron to clean up, or cool off, the Internet. (The Sun)

The numbers for July 19, 2013: Dates and times


FIFA announced today that soccer fans will have to pay $90 to see World Cup games in Brazil in 2010. The price -- which has been the subject of protests in Brazil -- is $10 more than in 2010 in South Africa. (FIFA)

5 a.m.

Wall Streeters are making deals at workout classes rather than white table cloth power lunches. "John Abularrage, head of Tullett Prebon Plc’s Americas unit, takes clients to 5 a.m. sessions at Barry’s Bootcamp in Tribeca, where they run on treadmills and lift weights to thumping dance music," reports Bloomberg. (Bloomberg)


The U.S. Air Force spent a total of $9 billion on fuel in 2012. Now they are turning to our feathered friends to lower their costs: The agency has commissioned a multi-year program to study geese that fly in V-formation. "Vortex surfing" like a goose could cut in-flight fuel consumption by 20 percent in military aircraft. (Foreign Policy)


The numbers for July 18, 2013: Battle by numbers

1 kg

Dubai is trying to battle obesity. The country is offering people one gram of gold (about $45) for each kilogram (about 2.2 pounds) lost in a 30-day challenge. (Huff Po)


Don't got the votes? Delay the battle. Dell computer is postponing the shareholder vote on founder Michael Dell's buyout proposal. It is rescheduled for July 24. (USA Today)

$17 billion

Battle.com, or Battle.kosher? An Internet organizing body is meeting this week to determine who can control the web suffix "dot-kosher." The decision is pitting Jewish groups against each other in a dispute that could determine the future of the $17 billion kosher market. (Bloomberg)

The numbers for July 17, 2013: Shape up


The number of refund checks being mailed to purchasers of Skechers Shape-up shoes. Earlier this year, Skechers agreed to pay a $40 million settlement for advertising unfounded claims that the shoes toned thighs, butts and abs. (CNN Money)


Bank industry profits are on the up and up, while tech companies ... not so much. Bank of America reported profits up 63 percent for the period April-June. Yesterday, Yahoo's earnings missed the mark slightly. Intel and Ebay are expected to post muted earnings as well today. (NYT)

Day 1

ESPN is looking to clean up the discourse on its website. After permitting anonymous comments for over five years, the site is requiring posters to sign in via Facebook. (Marketplace)

The numbers for July 16, 2013: ... The last word


Coca-Cola said its profits were down 4 percent in the April-June period. The company blamed economic malaise and lousy weather that didn't drive people to drink ... soft drinks. (Bloomberg)


New data from the Pew Research Center says digital tools -- smartphones, social media, Google -- may be helping students. 78 percent of teachers say they “encourage student creativity and personal expression.” Maybe now parents can stop worrying so much about the competing trend towards informal writing ... YOLO. (Pew)

100,000 euros

A conservative think tank in Britain has offered a big cash prize for the most compelling argument for why Britain would be better off if it abandoned the European Union. The so-called Brexit Prize is 100,000 ... euros. (The Independent)

McDonald's tries to help employees budget

McDonald's teamed up with Visa to create an online budget guide assisting employees with money management.
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The numbers for July 15, 2013: Numbers on the 1's


China's GDP growth slowed in the second quarter of 2013 -- to 7.5 percent, China's weakest rate since 1991. (Marketplace)

As in Philanthropy 101. Warren Buffett makes an appearance teaching an online course in charitable giving. As a teaching tool, Warren's family has chipped in $100,000 in real money for the class of 4,000 students to give away. (AP)


The mayor of Vilnius, Lithuania's capital city, has installed a giant video screen to display the happiness level of residents on a scale of 1-10, a "Happiness Barometer". Just one concern: recent polling of happiness in 58 countries shows Lithuania practically dead last. (Reuters)

No. 1

Just after it was discovered that Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling used a pseudonym to publish "The Cuckoo's Calling", the book shot up to the number one spot on Amazon and is now back ordered for 10-14 days. (Publisher's Weekly)


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