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British government plans for minimum price on alcohol

The British government has announced today that it wants to set a minimum price on beer, wine, and spirits. It hopes the move will help prevent alcohol-related crimes and deaths in the country.
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Overweight cops suffer criticism in Britain

The cliche that cops like to eat doughnuts might be true in the U.K., where police officers could soon feet their unhealthy ways reflected in their paycheck.
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U.K. Starbucks locations start playing the name game

In the U.K. today, where Starbucks has just started writing customers' names on their coffee cups for the first time.
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Murdoch to launch new tabloid in U.K.

Just seven months after another paper shuttered its doors in scandal, Rupert Murdoch is launching a new tabloid in Britain.
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Mid-Day Extra: An economic forecast in the Year of the Dragon

On this first day of the Chinese New Year, some predict the new zodiac sign won't ring in an economic recovery just yet.
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Mid-day Extra: Does holiday music make you buy more?

Does Christmas music help you get into the holiday spirit? It may also affect your wallet.
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Mid-day Extra: A car rental alternative in the U.K.

If your car is spending most of the day sitting unused on your driveway, it could be working a lot harder to earn you some spare cash.
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Campaign for more female engineers launches in the U.K.

The U.K. has the lowest proportion of female engineers in Europe. Industry leaders are hoping to change that.

Scotch whisky exports up 22 percent from 2010

Despite the global recession, Scotch whisky exports to the rest of the world were worth more than $2.8 billion in the first half of the year. But it might not be because of financial woes that more people are drinking up.
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Cities around the world prepare to celebrate the new year

Residents of Kiribati, a small island in the Pacific Ocean, were some of the first people to ring in 2011. But as many countries face a New Year of tough financial decisions and government cuts, how much are cities spending on their celebrations?
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