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Possible rate hike unites the (postal) classes

Class division in the United States can be stark, in one small way, tough financial times at the Postal Service are uniting the classes.
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Consumers are confident? You've gotta be joking ...

Consumer confidence increased in August, outpacing economists’ predictions.
Posted In: consumer confidence

A fluid Bitcoin community, but not a silent one

U.S. regulators are trying to figure out how to handle Bitcoin, a virtual currency back by no government.
Posted In: bitcoin

Why college endowments don't cover tuition

As President Obama pressures colleges to limit tuition increases, could colleges with wealthy endowments use some of that money to offset the rising cost of higher education?
Posted In: higher education, endowments, university endowments

National parks take out the trash (cans)

Parks are increasingly translating 'Leave No Trace' into 'Leave No Trash Can.'
Posted In: trash, national parks

Uproar over unpaid internships hits White House

The White House is the latest employer to feel pressure over an unpaid internship program.
Posted In: white house, internships

Breaking up with Time Warner Cable is hard to do

Customers fed up with Time Warner’s blackout of CBS programming have one final hurdle if they want to leave the cable provider.
Posted In: CBS, Time Warner Cable

A week of good and bad for activist investors

It’s been a big week for activist investors -- with Bill Ackman resigning from J.C. Penney’s board and Carl Icahn taking a big stake in Apple.
Posted In: active investing, Carl Icahn, Bill Ackman, JC Penney

Retailers lure early back-to-school shoppers

It's a big week for retailers, with several releasing earnings reports that will give a glimpse at the strength of the back-to-school shopping season.
Posted In: back-to-school shopping, retail sales

Bond fallout from Detroit bankruptcy limited so far

Detroit's bankruptcy last month has sent ripples through the $3.7-trillion municipal bond market, but so far the fallout seems limited to communities in Michigan.
Posted In: municipal bonds, Muni Bonds, Detroit, Detroit bankruptcy


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