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Today's economy: Inventory purgatory

Revised GDP numbers juiced the market today, but the reality behind the data should give us pause.
Posted In: GDP, inventories

The serious PR push to make Ron Burgundy's legend continue

For one day, Emerson College's communication school will be renamed the Ron Burgundy School of Communication.
Posted In: anchorman, Will Ferrell

As goes California, so goes Obamacare?

California's marketplace is set to decide whether Californians may keep their old insurance policies.
Posted In: Obamacare, ACA, health insurance

JCPenney tries to right the ship

JCPenney is trying to recover from a disastrous attempt to get rid of constant discounts.
Posted In: Retail, holiday shopping, JCpenney

Social media focuses teen shoppers on clothing items, not brands

Sites like Pinterest and Instagram inspire young shoppers to mix and match. That's putting pressure on teen mall-store brands.
Posted In: clothing, Retail, social media, #ootd

Hey Occupy Wall Street! Will you buy my debt?

A group of Occupy activists says it's bought almost $15 million of people's personal debt on the cheap.
Posted In: Occupy, debtors, student debt

How much is an apology worth?

It seems like people have been talking themselves hoarse with apologies lately -- a lot of them for the flawed roll-out of Obamacare.
Posted In: apologies, Obamacare

The Snowden Effect: Is Booz Allen feeling it?

Edward Snowden’s former employer, Booz Allen Hamilton, announces earnings. Did it feel a Snowden penalty?
Posted In: Snowden, nsa, Booz Allen Hamilton

On 40th anniversary, a look at the spillover effects of the 1973 Arab Oil Embargo

How did the 1973 oil crisis convince Americans to reduce energy consumption?
Posted In: Oil, energy, history, Richard Nixon

Private providers fill the void of the federal data pipeline

Analysts, executives, and journalists are left with a patchwork of numbers put together by private firms and academics in the absence of federal data during the partial government shutdown.
Posted In: government shutdown 2013, government shutdown


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