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A tale of two jobs surveys

Economists say the optimism of the household survey should temper the gloom of low payroll reports.
Posted In: jobs report, payroll

Tennessee Promise to make state's community colleges free

The announcement from the state's governor is part of a broader workforce development strategy. And similar moves have worked before.
Posted In: tennessee, community colleges, Tennessee Promise

Will Nintendo ditch hardware?

Some say Nintendo needs to ditch the console and focus on games, but Nintendo may still try to save its hardware business.
Posted In: nintendo, smart phones

Getting 40 percent of the world's economy on the same page

The Trans-Pacific Partnership would include 12 countries and 40 percent of the world's economy.
Posted In: SOTU, TPP, NAFTA, trade

Michigan wants 50,000 skilled immigrants to save Detroit

But employment-based visas aren't divvied up geographically.
Posted In: Tech, Detroit

American and US Airways start code-sharing as a step toward unifying operations

The carriers are taking their merger step by step, including the move for each to sell tickets on some flights operated by the other airline.
Posted In: Airlines, American Airlines, mergers

Crowdfunding for investors may soon get easier

The JOBS Act will promote equity investing through crowdfunding. A Washington, D.C. real estate firm has already been trying it out.
Posted In: JOBS Act, crowd-funding

My Nick Jr. personalizes TV -- and it smells like Netflix

Viacom’s new My Nick Jr. lets parents program a channel – an attempt to hold more viewers on television.
Posted In: nickelodeon, cable, television, viacom

50 years of the War on Poverty. But which poverty?

The 50th anniversary of President Lyndon B. Johnson's declaration of the War on Poverty.
Posted In: war on poverty, LBJ, poverty

Conflict minerals disclosure rule heads to court

A court hears arguments on a rule that requires companies to report on whether their products contain conflict minerals.
Posted In: conflict minerals, Tech


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