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Winter brings sweet business to salt suppliers

This season's harsh winter has meant shortages of the salt used to clear roads.
Posted In: salt, roads

Bad news, bad weather

Can bad weather be blamed for bad news?
Posted In: weather, seasonal impacts, Unemployment, benefits, Jobs

Why student loans affect the housing market

The percentage of homes sold to new homeowners slipped. One reason: student loans.
Posted In: student loan debt, housing market

Report spotlights fees on college-sponsored student cards

Colleges can include surprising fees on prepaid and debit cards.
Posted In: Education, debit cards

Should the post office sell personal loans?

Providing basic financial services could bolster the post office's income
Posted In: post office, payday loans, lending

A tale of two jobs surveys

Economists say the optimism of the household survey should temper the gloom of low payroll reports.
Posted In: jobs report, payroll

Tennessee Promise to make state's community colleges free

The announcement from the state's governor is part of a broader workforce development strategy. And similar moves have worked before.
Posted In: tennessee, community colleges, Tennessee Promise

Will Nintendo ditch hardware?

Some say Nintendo needs to ditch the console and focus on games, but Nintendo may still try to save its hardware business.
Posted In: nintendo, smart phones

Getting 40 percent of the world's economy on the same page

The Trans-Pacific Partnership would include 12 countries and 40 percent of the world's economy.
Posted In: SOTU, TPP, NAFTA, trade


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