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General Motors Co. To Recall 1.3 Million Vehicles to Repair Steering

The economics of the GM recall

GM CEO will answer tough questions about car safety
Posted In: car recalls, GM

You can be the President, I'd rather be the Pope

The widening gap between rich and poor is decried by both the president and Pope
Posted In: pope francis, income inequality, President Obama
Screenshot of Candy Crush Saga logo from King Digital Entertainment PLC,

The sweet smell of King Digital's Candy Crush success

As King Digital tries to raise about $500 million in IPO, we look at the company's strategy
Posted In: Candy Crush, IPO

States change rules to avoid SNAP cuts

The Farm Bill tried to cut about $8 billion from the food stamps program.
Posted In: food stamps

Tips for landing a new job inside your company

Internal candidates often have an advantage, but being an insider can sometimes prove a double-edged sword.
Posted In: job search

Pimps use technology, too

A new study reveals how the underground sex business is changing.
Posted In: pimps, sex economy, sex, illegal trading

After delay, U.S. builds four new nuclear reactors

The economics of nuclear power are a tough sell.
Posted In: nuclear power, energy

Obama's tough sell on early childhood spending

Part of the President's budget proposal focuses on an initiative expanding early childhood development programs.
Posted In: head start, budget

Taser is more than stun guns

Taser is diversifying into police equipment, including wearable cameras.
Posted In: taser, police, guns, technology

Chicago, Detroit get funding for next-gen manufacturing

President Obama announces two innovation institutes.
Posted In: car manufacturing


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