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Showboat hotel

Casino saturation hits Atlantic City

A boom in East Coast casinos has washed out tax revenue in old gambling hubs.
Posted In: casinos, Atlantic City
2014 Cruze

Why the Cruze recall won't hurt GM's bottom line

GM has recalled 20 million vehicles this year.
Posted In: General Motors, recall
Google I/O developer

Google addresses the white male culture of tech

Google has committed $50 million to encourage young women to code.

D.C. starts taxing more services, like yoga studios

Yoga classes, tanning salons and carpet cleaners will all be hit with a new tax.
Posted In: yoga, Taxes, Washington D.C.

Detroit's revamped pension plan may set new precedents

Why the California state pension system cares about Detroit's bankruptcy.
Posted In: pensions, Detroit bankruptcy, Detroit

How the U.S. pays for its involvement in Iraq

What does the defense budget already have covered?
Posted In: Iraq war, defense department, navy

How gentrification could hit DC's middle class golfers

Local leaders are teeing up their redevelopment plans.
Posted In: Golf, gentrification, Washington D.C.

Sprint and T-Mobile eyeing $32 billion merger

A look at the pros and cons of Sprint potentially purchasing T-Mobile
Posted In: Sprint

Are small businesses really our economic engine?

It's a line that's often repeated, but is it true?
Posted In: Small Business, dry cleaning

While more secure, Chip and PIN technology is costly

A look at what is slowing the change to Chip and PIN technology


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