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Ben Bernanke's swan song

Fed chair Ben Bernanke heads to Capitol Hill for his last semi-annual two-day testimony. He may face tough questions, reflecting perceived politicization of his role in the absence of coordination between Congress and the White House.
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Rising interest rates impacts banks

As Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase kick off bank earnings season, it's a chance to see the effect rising interest rates are having on our nation's banks.
Posted In: Banks, interest rates, Earnings, Federal Reserve

Have lobbyists spent too little on immigration reform?

It's crunch time for lobbyists pushing immigration reform. How much should lobbyists spend to get legislators on board?
Posted In: Immigration, lobbying

Will U.S. clothing firms change on Bangladesh?

Lots of European retailers have signed onto a new pact to institute stricter rules after the factory tragedy this year. Which U.S. companies will follow suit?
Posted In: Bangladesh, clothing, globalization, manufacturing

Moguls head to deal-making summer camp in Sun Valley

Investment bank Allen & Co's annual get together for the business glitterati starts today in Sun Valley, and the media deals could pile up.
Posted In: Mergers and Acquisitions, media, Tech

After a year of unemployment -- finally, a job

For one of the long-term unemployed, a very happy ending.
Posted In: long-term unemployed, Unemployment

The 'Retireless' -- Over 75, and still working

The number of people 75 and older still working has grown over the last two decades -- some from need, but many because they want to.
Posted In: Retirement, elderly

Government job cuts hurt wealthy, middle class and poor

Wealthy, poor and in-between residents tell us how shrinking government would affect their personal finances
Posted In: budget cuts, budget, Washington D.C.

The rise, fall and redemption of GE Capital

GE reports earnings today and analysts will look closely at the performance of its finance arm
Posted In: General Electric

Where did the year's first airfare hike go?

The airlines try, but they can't always make fare increases stick.
Posted In: Airlines, airfares, united, southwest, Delta


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