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Jeff Hulbert from Annapolis, Maryland, dressed in a protective suit and mask holds a poster Oct. 16 demanding for a halt of all flights from West Africa outside the White House. U.S. authorities recently began screening for Ebola at the Washington-area Du

Why a travel ban is so tough to pull off

Calls for banning travel from West African nations hit by Ebola grew louder.
Posted In: Ebola, air travel, airports

A push to hire the long-term unemployed

One company’s approach: Forget resumes. Turn to videos.
Posted In: employment, long-term unemployment, recession, economic recovery

Why water conservation doesn't mean lower water rates

Water and sewer utilities raise rates to meet infrastructure costs.
Posted In: water, drought, conservation

Another day, another corporate breakup

Silicon Valley stalwart Hewlett-Packard divides itself into two companies.
Posted In: Hewlett-Packard, Hp

How the president might tout the economy

While unemployment has fallen to 6.1 percent, many people still feel uneasy.
Posted In: Barack Obama, Unemployment

What you need to know about Occupy Central

Hong Kong is uniquely positioned in the global economy.
Posted In: protest, hong kong

Unhappy workers are retaliating digitally

The FBI says disgruntled employees hack their employers and cost them enormously.
Posted In: digital life, cybersecurity, hacking
Missile strike

ISIS and the future of the Tomahawk missile

The U.S. launched at least 47 of them at militant strongholds in Syria on Monday.
Posted In: syria, United Nations, Pentagon

High inventory and low sales cut gun makers' profits

Sales slow after a 2012 demand surge from gun ethusiasts fearing restrictions.
Posted In: gun, gun sales

Why Americans are less satisfied with their cars

Though car sales are up, people's satisfaction with their cars is at a low.
Posted In: auto industry, auto market


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