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The new common ground for Congress: trade

More on the two major trade deals being negotiated by the Obama Administration.
Posted In: negotiations, Congress, Obama congress

Crude oil gets cheaper...again

Why the world’s largest oil exporter cut prices for crude oil sold to the U.S.
Posted In: crude oil, Saudi Arabia, oil prices

Rocket explosion puts focus on private sector's role in space

Companies like Orbital Sciences and SpaceX ferry cargo to the International Space Station for NASA. Many are wondering about the scale of this business.
Posted In: international space station, NASA, spacex, orbital sciences, space shuttle
Even the Fed has time for the occasional selfie.

Fed set to end its bond buying

But it will still keep its foot on the gas.
Posted In: Fed, bonds, bond buying, balance sheets
Activists for the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) distribute posters with the picture of incumbent President Ian Khama at a pre-election gathering in Gaborone on Oct. 22.

In Botswana, all eyes are on the election

The victor must diversify the diamond-rich economy to ensure continued growth.
Posted In: Botswana, elections, diamond market
Jeff Hulbert from Annapolis, Maryland, dressed in a protective suit and mask holds a poster Oct. 16 demanding for a halt of all flights from West Africa outside the White House. U.S. authorities recently began screening for Ebola at the Washington-area Du

Why a travel ban is so tough to pull off

Calls for banning travel from West African nations hit by Ebola grew louder.
Posted In: Ebola, air travel, airports

A push to hire the long-term unemployed

One company’s approach: Forget resumes. Turn to videos.
Posted In: employment, long-term unemployment, recession, economic recovery

Why water conservation doesn't mean lower water rates

Water and sewer utilities raise rates to meet infrastructure costs.
Posted In: water, drought, conservation


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