Features by Kate Archer Kent

In northwest Louisiana, inmates fill sandbags for Isaac

Residents in northwest Louisiana are preparing homes and businesses for possible flooding as the remnants of Isaac make a slow progression northward.
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Louisiana lumber firm counts Libya as its top customer

Libya is expected to grow as a market for U.S. exports, but a small timber company in Louisiana has been relying on Libyan customers for years.
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Establishing a life post-Katrina

A fisherman's son escapes Vietnam to New Orleans, only have to have to escape again.
Posted In: Hurricane Katrina, Louisiana, New Orleans, refugees, Entrepreneurship

High-end buyers boost Florida condo market

Empty nesters with money to spend are fueling something of a boom in Florida's vacation home market.
Posted In: real estate, condo, Housing, Florida

What's the 'fracking' problem? May be its name

A new survey suggests “fracking” terminology may need an image overhaul.
Posted In: fracking, natural gas, drilling

Keystone XL pipeline runs into landowner scrutiny

TransCanada has secured almost all the land it needs to begin construction of the XL Pipeline. But a few landowners are holding out.
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SXSW lets Austin homeowners cash in

Anyone headed to the South by Southwest festival needs a place to stay. For a price, Austin homeowners will move out for a week.
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Louisiana film investment could win Oscar gold

Like most states, Louisiana wants to capture some of Hollywood's production business. An Oscar-nominated film from Shreveport may provide the ticket.
Posted In: Entertainment, film, movies, Oscars, academy awards, Louisiana

Reality TV heads to the South

Reality TV is cheap to make and there's a whole lot of it out there. These days, producers are finding characters in the backwoods of Louisiana.
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