Karl Baker joined Marketplace in January of 2012.  Before coming to New York, he worked as a commercial fisherman, an English teacher, and a part-time reporter for KBCS radio.  He's also currently a student in business and economic reporting at NYU.


Features by Karl Baker

Will New York be next for the fracking-fueled job boom?

A fracking-fueled job boom has erupted in parts of the U.S. and wages of gas workers have increased. But in New York fracking is banned. That hasn’t stopped an upstate New York school from offering training courses for work in gas fields, because many expect Gov. Andrew Cuomo to lift the ban.
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Apocalypse now -- the marketing strategy

From natural disasters to economic crises to a supposed Mayan prophecy of the end of the world in 2012, doomsday has galvanized some marketers.
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What happens if Greece defaults? A flow chart

If Greece ditches its austerity plan and defaults on its loans, how might that play out in the global economy? Follow our flow chart to find out.
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Survey: Americans are stressed out

Consumer Reports polled 1,000 U.S. households and found that more Americans are feeling stressed today than at any time since September 2009.

Why Are Households Still Nervous About Municipal Bonds?

U.S. households hold half of all municipal bonds issued by cities and states in the U.S. But over the course of the past year, those investors have been backing away. Why?
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Businesses are spending again

A recent report from the Bureau of Economic Analysis about the health of the economy in the fourth quarter of 2011 shows a 20 percent spike in investment -- a sign that businesses are back to spending, not hoarding, their money.
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Unemployment down -- but so are wages

The dip in unemployment and job claims indicate optimism -- but wages fell sharply for the majority of American workers last year in a way that they haven't since 2007.
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The Job Boom...for Baby Boomers

The jobs market is showing signs of life - but these positive prospects are being enjoyed by maybe the last group you would expect: baby boomers.
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Who's in the union?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics report, 11.8 percent of workers counted themselves amongst the ranks of organized labor in 2011, almost half the number recorded in 1983 -- the first year that data was available.
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