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Sweeping the World Cup office pool

So you and everyone else picked Brazil to win the World Cup. What next?
Posted In: Sports, World Cup

The tip jar gets a digital makeover

Technology is making us better tippers but not without an extra dose of awkwardness.
Posted In: tipping, gratuity, tips
Best Buy Online

The best days of the week to shop

Forget the weekends. Spend your money mid-week in order to get the best deals.
Posted In: shopping, spending, consumer

A scam-free way to consolidate your debt

TV ads often promise to get you out of debt for free. But are any of them legit?
Posted In: debt, debt conslidation

Spending money on kids' sports: Worth it or not?

You don't have to spend a lot to help your kids enjoy and succeed in sports.
Posted In: athletics, parenting, children, kids

Trim the fat from your food budget

Meal planning and reducing food waste are the biggest steps toward getting your grocery budget under control.
Posted In: Food, recipe, cooking

The triple tax break of a Health Savings Account

HSAs make that high-deductible insurance plan go down a little smoother.
Posted In: health care, health insurance, Health

Should you DIY or hire a financial adviser?

How to figure out if you should fly solo or hire a professional financial adviser.
Posted In: financial advisor
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