Kai Ryssdal is the host and senior editor of Marketplace, the most widely heard program on business and the economy – radio or television, commercial or public broadcasting – in the country.

Since joining the flagship Marketplace broadcast in 2005, Kai has hosted the program from China, the Middle East, and dozens of cities – big and small – across the United States.  Kai speaks regularly with CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies, start-up entrepreneurs, small business owners, and everyday participants in the American and global economies.  He’s interviewed the leader of the free world twice – once in the Oval Office and once on a folding chair in the middle of the Nevada desert.  Kai first came to Marketplace in 2001 as the host of Marketplace Morning Report, where he covered the economic aftermath of the September 11th attacks, the collapse of Enron, and the slow buildup to the housing crash, the financial crisis, and the Great Recession.

His one and only big-time journalism award was, as it happens, for television; a 2012 Emmy for investigative journalism on a PBS FRONTLINE documentary about money in politics called Big Sky, Big Money.  Kai has appeared often on CNN, CNBC and CBS News.  His written work has been featured in The New York Times and The Atlantic.   

Before his career in broadcasting, Kai spent eight years in the United States Navy, flying from the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt and, later, with the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon.  He also served in the United States Foreign Service, with postings to Ottawa, Canada and Beijing, China. Kai is a graduate of Emory University and Georgetown University.

He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and four children. 

Please direct all media inquiries and booking requests to communications@americanpublicmedia.org.  



Features by Kai Ryssdal

The avian flu has infected millions of hens at a farm in Iowa.

Trouble on the chicken farm

The avian flu has infected millions of hens in Iowa.
Posted In: chicken, poultry, eggs, bird flu, outbreak, farm

Now Amazon will let you rent goats

Amazon's new product Home Services has a goat grazing service.
Posted In: Amazon, lawns, service

Knock it off! A step-by-step guide to make a bag

Saddleback Leather addresses copycats in a step-by-step YouTube video
Posted In: YouTube, Small Business, fashion

Norway is the first country to kill FM radio

The government will save $25 million a year by going all-digital.
Posted In: radio, Norway
 Cast members of Cirque Du Soleil perform in 'Cirque Du Soleil's Totem' dress rehearsal at Alexandra Park on August 21, 2014 in Auckland, New Zealand.

Cirque du Soleil sells to private equity groups

A $1.5 billion sale is far from the group's humble origins.
Posted In: cirque du soleil, private equity, Canada, Quebec

Another wave of migrants drown in the Mediterranean

Many are trying to enter Europe to escape violence and find job opportunities.
Posted In: migrants, employment, tragedy

Weekly Wrap: Inflation, Greece and IPOs

Kai's weekly chat about the week in business news.

"Jeopardy!" tried to sponsor a mustache

Leaked emails show Sony was looking for "Official Razor of Alex Trebek's Mustache"
Posted In: Jeopardy, sony hacks, Sony, mustache

From "promposal" to dress, everything must be unique

Stores track who's wearing what so that there are no repeats come prom night.
Posted In: prom, high school, consumer spending, fashion

Etsy CEO: Leading a country of commerce

Chad Dickerson talks about heading up the internet's largest artisan marketplace.
Posted In: Etsy, artisans, vintage


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