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Silicon: Imagine life without glass

The BBC's Justin Rowlatt looks at the economics behind chemical elements.
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Miners pushing an ore car into the Grace tin and tungsten mine in Bolivia, circa 1945.

Tungsten: just try and smash it

The element that is behind lighting and writing.
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A big vat of fake chlorine

There's more to chlorine than just swimming pools

And actually, the "chlorine" in swimming pools isn't even chlorine.

Tin: The modern world's glue

The element that brought us beyond the Stone Age.
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Calcium: Not so good in high doses

Calcium is a fundamental building block in chemistry and in modern life.
Posted In: elements, calcium

The elements: Carbon's all around

Carbon is the ultimate bonder but in some forms, it can be dangerous. Carbon Monoxide can poison you. Carbon Dioxide is blamed by some for global warming.
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Mercury: "The quixotic bad boy of the periodic table"

Our journey through the economics of elements checks out mercury.
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Gold: As dull as it is shiny

The BBC's Justin Rowlatt explains why gold became the precious metal pick of the litter
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Aluminum: A paradox in an element

Aluminum or aluminium? Either way, it's useful.
Posted In: aluminum

Helium: Not Just the Stuff in Balloons

Helium is a valuable finite resource that is often wasted just for fun.
Posted In: healthcare, elements, natural resources, helium, global economy


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