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A big vat of fake chlorine

There's more to chlorine than just swimming pools

And actually, the "chlorine" in swimming pools isn't even chlorine.

Tin: The modern world's glue

The element that brought us beyond the Stone Age
Posted In: elements, tin

Calcium: Not so good in high doses

Calcium is a fundamental building block in chemistry and in modern life.
Posted In: elements, calcium

Mercury: "The quixotic bad boy of the periodic table"

Our journey through the economics of elements checks out mercury.
Posted In: metals, elementals, gold

Aluminum: A paradox in an element

Aluminum or aluminium? Either way, it's useful.
Posted In: aluminum

Phosphorous: Where Morocco is OPEC

The BBC's Justin Rowlatt has a new series that looks at the economics behind chemical elements.
Posted In: phosphorus, Morocco, fertilizer, Agriculture

How did Macau 'out-Vegas' Vegas?

A tiny Chinese territory has swiftly displaced Las Vegas as the gambling capital of the world.
Posted In: gambling, China

Marketplace Live: What a difference four years does not make

Subprime Meltdown. The Collapse of Lehman Brothers. Too Big To Fail. Those headlines dominated the global news in 2008. But how are they playing out this election year?
Posted In: bbc

Efforts pay off in fighting deforestation in Brazil

The Brazilian government has ramped up efforts to stop deforestation in the Amazon. So far, it seems to be slowly working.
Posted In: Amazon, brazil, rainforest, deforestation

Crisis means less for traders and shoppers

The U.K. isn't in the eurozone, but the effects of the euro crisis are hitting London's street markets, and the wallets of the people who shop there.
Posted In: Retail


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