Juli Niemann is St. Louis' oldest, non-retired analyst. She works for Smith, Moore and Company as executive vice-president for research and portfolio management.  She has worked in the investment industry for over 40 years. Niemann was recently profiled in St. Louis Magazine.   


Features by Juli Niemann

Juli Niemann: How companies can hide the truth

News out today that Olympus committed fraud for decades comes at a time when a lot of businesses get away with such deceit. How do they do it? We asked Juli Niemann, analyst at Smith, Moore and Company.
Posted In: Investing

Juli Niemann: Greek news is 'Groundhog Day all over again'

The U.S. markets are reacting to the surprising news this morning that Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou is calling for a referendum on the bailout deal.

Juli Niemann: It's a split housing market

Home prices in a number of cities rose according to the Case-Shiller index. But overall sales dropped. Juli Niemann, analyst with Smith, Moore, and Company, explains the variance.
Posted In: Housing

Juli Niemann: What slowing growth in China means for us

Juli Niemann, analyst with Smith, Moore, and Company, explains why even at over 9 percent growth, China -- and thus the rest of the world -- could be in trouble.
Posted In: China

Juli Niemann: Corporations doing well, but it's not trickling down

Juli Niemann, analyst at Smith, Moore and Company, explains why good corporate earnings news might not help the rest of us.
Posted In: Economy

Juli Niemann: Goldman Sachs report

Jeremy Hobson speaks with Juli Niemann, analyst at Smith Moore and Company, about today's Goldman Sachs report that discloses how much money the investment bank makes on its own trades and investments.


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