Juli Niemann is St. Louis' oldest, non-retired analyst. She works for Smith, Moore and Company as executive vice-president for research and portfolio management.  She has worked in the investment industry for over 40 years. Niemann was recently profiled in St. Louis Magazine.   


Features by Juli Niemann

Wall Street is doing great. What about your street?

This year, the stock market has been doing great. But what about everyone else?
Posted In: stock market, economic indicators

Instability in Washington causes uncertainty on Wall Street

Whether or not Congress raises the debt ceiling in time, we may be headed for another economic slowdown.
Posted In: debt ceiling, government shutdown 2013, Congress

Wall Street and the debt ceiling

How is Wall Street reacting to the debt ceiling debacle?
Posted In: debt ceiling, Wall Street

Market reaction to shutdown is muted today, but won't stay that way for long

But failure by Congress to raise the debt ceiling would get a much stronger reaction than we're seeing this morning.
Posted In: government shutdown, debt ceiling, market reaction

The Dow Jones Industrial Average gets some new members

The index of 30-hand-picked companies is bumping some out and adding others in.
Posted In: Dow Jones Industrial Average

Microsoft bought Nokia, but how is the real economy?

A look at how factory numbers are affecting our domestic economy this week.
Posted In: Economy, business, factory

Gold goes down

After a long winning streak, the price of gold has been going down.
Posted In: gold

Breaking away from the consensus

Do you buy or sell stocks based on consensus forecasts? Analyst Juli Niemann at Smith, Moore & Company says there is something you should know about that strategy.
Posted In: stock market, Federal Reserve, Investing

Why it's a good time to be Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs reported its latest business results on Tuesday. Profits -- as measured by net income -- hit $1.9 billion in the second quarter, twice the performance of the quarter before.
Posted In: Goldman Sachs, Earnings, banking

Gas prices may seem ok now, but don't say we didn't warn you

The wholesale price of oil fell this morning, but it's still hovering above $100 a barrel.
Posted In: gas, big oil, Oil


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