Judy Muller is a professor at USC's Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism.


Features by Judy Muller

Why aging boomers are more prone to scams

It seems like con artists are dreaming up new scams every week -- and often seniors fall prey to the trickery. But why?
Posted In: Senior moment, senior citizens, scams

Baby Boomers compete for bucket list victories

Commentator Judy Muller takes a look at the economics of creating a bucket list for the baby boomer generation.
Posted In: baby boomers, Senior moment, senior citizens

The high costs of looking good as you age

Appearing to look better than others in your age group could be seen as a blessing or a very expensive curse.
Posted In: aging, baby boomers

An age-old pre-occupation: The fountain of youth

There's a price to be paid for aging gracefully
Posted In: Senior moment, youth, Retirement

Baby Boomers will drive this economy

As Baby Boomers age, younger generations are fearing the day they'll be shouldering the burden to pay for Boomers' Social Security benefits. But one senior says Baby Boomers will help boost the economy, not drain it.
Posted In: Senior moment, baby boomers, spending, Entrepreneurship
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