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Italian bond sale, Iranian threat impacting markets

Iran has repeated its threat to block the Straight of Hormuz where about a-fifth of the world's oil passes through. In Italy today, investors seemed happy to buy up the country's debt.
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European banks' overwhelming response to ECB plan

The news that more banks than expected are putting a hand out for help from the European Central Bank had markets on a roller coaster today.
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Bank of America stock tumbles below $5 a share

Bank of America's troubles continue, as their stock prices fall below $5, the lowest level since March 2009
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Oil, gas prices should remain relatively steady

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries agreed this morning to maintain global production at about 30 million barrels of oil per day.
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Citigroup announces planned layoffs

Citigroup is just the latest is a long line of big banks announcing layoffs in recent months.
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The Fed, ECB team up to give banks more access to cash

Central banks from around the world have reached a deal that they hope will increase liquidity and avoid global recession.
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Has the debt crisis spread to Germany?

A disastrous bond sale creates fears of European contagion spreading to Germany today.
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What's causing the steep rise in oil prices

The price of oil is up 20 percent over the last month, with prices today topping $100 a barrel. Why?
Posted In: Oil, natural gas, speculative bubbles

Dear Wall Street, this is why the people are angry

Josh Brown may be in the same group as the bankers and brokers that the Occupy movements are protesting against, but he's just as angry as the protestors are at his own industry.
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