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IMF delays loan to Egypt

The International Monetary Fund says a $4.8 billion loan for Egypt is on hold. The IMF cited "unfolding developments on the ground."
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Stock market tumbles as Morsi expands powers

As President Morsi works to resolve tensions over his expanded powers, confidence in Egypt's government and economy falters.
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U.S., IMF close to debt relief deals for Egypt

The International Monetary Fund is said to be close to a multi-billion dollar deal to aid the country currently grappling with major budgetary problems. The Obama administration is also looking to contribute another billion.
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IMF approves $3 billion loan for Egypt

The International Monetary Fund has agreed to help Egypt pay down its deficit in the wake of the pro-democracy movement -- but the new government will also use the money to boost social spending.
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Protests continue in Tunis

Troops in Tunisia fired water cannons and tear gas against hundreds of demonstrators in the centre of the capitol, Tunis.

Afghanistan receives bags of money of Iran

Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai has admitted the country received bags of cash from Iran. That's in response to reports of deepening ties between the two countries.
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