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What the White House wants at G20

The world's economic leaders are in Pittsburgh, Penn. today for the G20 summit and the White House will be pushing for new banking and financial regulations and an end to fossil fuel subsidies. Joel Rose reports.

FCC chief sets 'Net neutrality' plan

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski has laid out his plan for ensuring consumers' unrestricted access to the Internet, without having their connections slowed down or blocked by service providers. Joel Rose reports.
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Cuts could hurt hospitals' bottom line

Hospitals that treat large numbers of low-income patients say they might be hurt by Medicare cuts meant to pay for health care reform. Joel Rose explores which services could be most affected in this installment of "The Cure."
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Does Cadbury have merger appetite?

Kraft Foods is denying it will unload any of its brands to pay for a possible acquisition of Cadbury. Joel Rose reports the candy maker may be holding out for a better bid, or may go it alone.
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State tax revenue losses hurt schools

The University of California Board of Regents is mulling a tuition hike to fill a budget deficit. Joel Rose reports.
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The hidden costs of health care

Those of us lucky enough to have health insurance usually get it through our employers. But that only obscures the real cost of health care. Joel Rose reports.
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What exactly is a health care co-op?

Lawmakers have been debating the public option in an overhaul to health care. But a compromise proposal may attract enough bipartisan support to pass. Joel Rose reports on the idea of regional insurance cooperatives.
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Pharmacy fulfills needs of terminally ill

Competition among big drug store chains has gotten so fierce that no market is off limits. One regional pharmacy chain is looking to stand out by adding services for the terminally ill. Joel Rose reports.
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Swine flu prevention may cost schools

As the school year begins, some are wondering how schools will deal with H1N1. Joel Rose reports swine flu could put a lot of pressure on school budgets that are already stretched.
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Obama puts health care case on the air

President Obama made the case for his health care overhaul to a fairly skeptical audience -- conservative talk-radio listeners. He tried to calm fears that he's seeking a "government takeover" of health care. Joel Rose reports.
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