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Novartis' emotional pitch for Prevacid

Novartis is launching a big campaign for a new version of its heartburn drug Prevacid. Joel Rose reports.

Google raises stakes in mobile ad game

Google is buying a company called AdMob, which specializes in placing ads on mobile devices. Smart phones and the like are expected to be the new frontier for marketers. With Google in the game, the stakes just got higher. Joel Rose reports.
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Employers weigh in on health care bill

Small business advocates are complaining that the House's health care bill would impose new insurance obligations on employers while doing little to contain costs. Joel Rose explores these and other employer concerns.
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Mass. may opt to pay flat doctors' fees

Most U.S. doctors get paid for each test or procedure they perform. But Massachusetts is considering becoming the first state to pay a flat fee for each patient doctors see. Joel Rose reports.
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How health care exchanges would work

Under the current health care bills in Congress, people not insured through an employer could shop for coverage in health insurance exchanges. Joel Rose explains how the exchanges would work in our latest installment of "The Cure."
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Fraud is a small part of health reform

A Senate committee will look at health-care fraud, which is one of the biggest money-wasters in the U.S. medical system. Joel Rose reports.
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Swine flu threatens hospital business

Swine flu continues to cost hospitals time and money, and some institutions are beginning to worry -- not just about their ability to care for all the victims of H1N1, but to continue their other business as usual. Joel Rose explains.
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TV execs, MLB hope for big playoffs

The remaining teams battling to make it to Major League Baseball's World Series play in three of the four biggest TV markets. But that may not be enough to prop up baseball's declining ratings. Joel Rose reports.
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What Google's earnings can tell us

Analysts are expecting good news when Google announces its quarterly earnings. Advertising spending overall is in the dumps, but the market for online search ads is improving. Joel Rose reports.
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Market for premium burgers is growing

Fast-food restaurant Wendy's is trying to regain its foothold in the hamburger department by introducing a new specialty burger. Joel Rose reports it's the latest salvo in the burger wars.
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