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Greeks seeking employment abroad

Many Greeks are only seeing one way out of the economic crisis in their country: moving abroad. A Greek family shares their hopes about moving to Italy.
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A suffering Greek family

A profile of a family in Greece, caught in a situation where their world is changing dramatically for the worse in a very short time period.

Greeks mull over possible voter referendum

Many Greeks are starting to believe no one is listening to their protests, no matter how loud and dramatic. But they might get a chance to shape some financial reforms in a voter referendum later this year.

Second bailout leaves Greeks in the cold

Greece is getting another $155 billion in bailout money, but average Greeks are still scratching their heads as to how to pay their bills

Greece passes tax hike package despite violent protests

Thousands of Greek citizens took to the streets today to protest parliamentary passage of new, tougher austerity measures. Joanna Kakissis explains from Greece.

Europe tells Greece to hurry up and wait

Prime Minister George Papandreou is appealing for support ahead of tomorrow's vote to keep the government in power, and this week's visit from international finance inspectors.

Greece strikes over austerity measures

Greek labor unions are planning a general strike and mass protests today against the country's economic austerity measures. Joanna Kakissis explains.

As Greece tries to cut back, workers say: 'we won't pay'

We've seen a lot of loud, violent protests in Greece over mounting debt and budget cuts. Now, thousands of Greeks have decided on a quieter type of protest.

Greece cracks down on tax evaders

Greece wants to crack down on its notorious tax dodgers to help its bottom line in dire times.
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