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Is the dollar menu good for McDonald's bottom line?

Cheap food draws customers, but also cuts into profits.
Posted In: fast food, McDonald's, Arby's

Donated deer meat falls at Georgia food banks

Tough economy has more hunters keeping more of their take for themselves.
Posted In: donations, food banks, venison, deer, meat, hunting

Airlines make more money by offering fewer seats

Airlines to turn profit offering fewer -- but fuller -- flights.
Posted In: Airlines, Delta, airline prices

MLK's old neighborhood seeks economic comeback

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s old Atlanta neighborhood, Sweet Auburn, was once one of the more prosperous African-American neighborhoods, but it has since fallen on hard times. Now it is trying to make a comeback.
Posted In: Martin Luther King Jr., Atlanta, African American

Weighing the high cost of college athletics

NCAA Division I universities continue to spend big money for sports programs, according to a new study. Does the investment pay off?
Posted In: college athletics, NCAA

FDA requires lower-dose sleeping pills

So half the dose should mean half the price, right?
Posted In: pharmaceuticals, FDA, health care

Public housing looks for outside investors

HUD cannot afford to fix its public housing, so the government wants to reclassify the properties as Section 8.
Posted In: Housing, affordable housing, HUD

NASA looks to lease old shuttle facility

NASA looks to find new uses for defunct space center.
Posted In: NASA, real estate

NYSE's new parent is from Atlanta

It's another sign the global business world has become less centralized and more diffuse. The company poised to buy the New York Stock Exchange for more than $8 billion is based not in a world financial center, but in Atlanta.
Posted In: Mergers and Acquisitions, NYSE

Amid budget battle, Georgia archives to stay open

As Georgia confronts budget cuts, residents fights to keep the state archives funded.
Posted In: Georgia, state budgets


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