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Want a side of security with that waffle?

A Waffle House restaurant in a rough Atlanta neighborhood adds a surcharge for a security guard.
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Want to be a flight attendant? Get in line.

These days, you have a better chance of getting into Harvard than you do of becoming a flight attendant.
Posted In: flight attendant, Delta, airline industry

Navigating the financial aid maze

More parents are turning to college financial planners for advice on how to pay for college.
Posted In: college, financial advice, financial advisor, financial aid

New veterans might have tough time finding work

Thousands scheduled to return from Afghanistan face job competition from earlier veterans.
Posted In: veterans, Jobs

Walmart discovers the payroll tax may bite

The nation's largest retailer may see slump in February sales figures.
Posted In: Walmart, Social Security, payroll tax

Community banks fail over technicality: Study

The so-called 'mark-to-market' rule, put in place for transparency, made some banks' finances appear more troubled than they really were.
Posted In: Banks, bank regulations, Georgia

Look, up in the sky ... a gold mine in space?

Asteroids like the one that flew by Earth on Friday could hold a treasure trove of precious metals.
Posted In: meteor, mining, space

CFPB to look at college-backed financial products aimed at students

Many colleges now offer student loans and grants on debit cards, without disclosing their agreements with banks. That's caught the federal government's attention.
Posted In: student loan, student debt, grants

Atlanta works to recover from housing bust

Atlanta's unemployment rate still tops the national percentage, but city residents hope the worst is finally behind them.
Posted In: Atlanta, Unemployment, Economy, housing crisis

Ready for an iWatch?

Apple is reportedly looking to put the smarts of an iPhone on your wrist.
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