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What kind of shopping mall is successful today?

Malls have become more nimble, offering specialized services and experiences you can't find online.
Posted In: shopping mall, consumers, Retail

Boeing's 15 options for building the 777X

After workers at Boeing's Seattle facility voted down the company's proposed contract, its CEO courts other states.
Posted In: Boeing, 777X, Labor Unions

'World's Busiest Airport' gets a hairstyle makeover

Believe it or not, there’s no place to get a haircut in the world’s busiest airport.
Posted In: Atlanta, airports, haircut

The most expensive airport parking? For the planes

The Department of Justice is talking with American Airlines and US Airways about possibly lifting its anti-trust action.
Posted In: US Air, American Air, mergers, Airlines

Economic indicators that make you go 'hmmmmm'

Pending housing starts are disappointing and industrial production is up. Business spending was less than expected last week.
Posted In: Pending home sales, government shutdown 2013

In Atlanta, some say new toll lanes benefit wealthier drivers

As cities move from carpool lanes to toll lanes to ease highway congestion, one Atlanta group points to the uneven benefits of the plan.
Posted In: wealth, poverty, income divide, HOV, toll, carpool, Atlanta, congestion, Traffic

Building a bigger AFL-CIO

The AFL-CIO votes on whether to broaden membership to include non-union workers and even other organizations.
Posted In: AFL-CIO, Labor Unions, non-union workers

States beat the SEC to the new frontier of crowdfunding

How Georgia is on the forefront of pushing equity crowdfunding. It's like Kickstarter, except that regular folk can invest in -- not just donate to -- a small, private company.
Posted In: crowdfunding, Small Business

Luring developers to rebuild on polluted land

Sometimes the government has to kick in to convince developers to reclaim "brownfield" sites. The EPA says it's developed a good partnership in Atlanta.
Posted In: Atlanta, development, Housing

Getting college students across the finish line

Over the last decade, Georgia State University has created a winning formula to boost graduation rates.
Posted In: college


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