Jeremy Hobson is the former host of  Marketplace Morning Report.

Hobson started at Marketplace in 2007 as a reporter based in Washington, D.C.  He later covered Wall Street and its impact on ordinary Americans for Marketplace, based in the New York City bureau. He started reporting from New York one week before Lehman Brothers collapsed in 2008.  Hobson hosted Marketplace Morning Report from 2011 through 2013.

Before joining Marketplace, Hobson frequently found himself in the right place at the right time when it came to big stories: He was calling Florida precincts for NPR’s 2000 election coverage, he was working for Boston’s WBUR during the Boston Catholic Church Sex Abuse scandal, and he was an intern for NPR’s Guy Raz in Turkey at the start of the Iraq War. In addition to those roles, Hobson has worked as producer for NPR’s All Things Considered, Day to Day and Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! He has also worked as a host and reporter for public radio stations WILL Urbana, WCAI Cape Cod and WRNI Providence.

Hobson’s radio career began in earnest at the age of nine when he started contributing to a program called Treehouse Radio.  Hobson is a graduate of Boston University and the University of Illinois Laboratory High School. He lives in New York and enjoys hiking, traveling and extremely spicy foods.


Features by Jeremy Hobson

Trouble spied in cyber-security plan

A new cyber-security plan is aiming to protect the government from not just individual hackers, but also other governments. Jeremy Hobson reports concerns over government spying have stunted the program.
Posted In: Crime

'Mr. Blockbuster' tries video games

TV and movie producer Jerry Bruckheimer has signed on with MTV to produce video games. The network is pouring $500 million into interactive entertainment and hoping the action-flick mogul can get things moving. Jeremy Hobson reports.
Posted In: Entertainment

There's always room for pet projects

The $516 billion federal spending bill OK'd by the House and now before the Senate funds 14 cabinet agencies and the war in Afghanistan. It's also got 9,000 earmarks in it. Jeremy Hobson has this holiday spending tale.
Posted In: Washington

How much for the Magna Carta?

We have the Magna Carta to thank for documents declaring the rights of man and the sovereign system of government. And now for a few million, you can own it. Jeremy Hobson has more on the Sotheby's auction.

New rules proposed for 401(k)s

About 50 million of us contribute to 401(k)s. But returns can vary widely, in part because of the fees we pay to plan administrators. Today the Labor Department proposed some new rules. Jeremy Hobson reports.
Posted In: Retirement

Film right to Web? It takes a Jackass

Paramount is skipping theaters and sending Jackass 2.5 straight to the Web. With the low overhead of the new business model, some Hollywood execs wonder if this is the way of the future for films. Jeremy Hobson reports.
Posted In: Entertainment

A healthy jump for mortgages?

Mortgage applications saw their highest rise last week since 2005. But Jeremy Hobson reports that the number of applications out could mean a need to refinance, as opposed to more people buying new homes.
Posted In: Economy, Housing

Bad economy? Let's do lunch anyway

Despite talk of a recession, the National Restaurant Association says people are eating out more. Jeremy Hobson reports why the restaurant industry has more of an influence now than it did two decades ago.
Posted In: Economy, Entertainment

A penny donated is one not missed

A small group of banks will be giving customers the option to charge an extra penny on their credit card to donate to United Way of America. Jeremy Hobson reports why pennies could amount to more than nickels.
Posted In: Charity

Conference looks at unions' tough times

The AFL-CIO hosted a conference in Washington that considered the critically low number of workers in unions and the need for improved benefits. Jeremy Hobson reports on what unions need to regain traction.
Posted In: Jobs


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