Jennifer Collins is a reporter for the Marketplace portfolio of programs.  She is based in Los Angeles, where she covers media, retail, the entertainment industry and the West Coast.

Collins joined Marketplace in 2007 as an assistant producer and spent an additional two-and-a-half years directing and producing Marketplace Morning Report.

Collins likes the challenge of preparing for an interview, the thrill of a good conversation and the pleasure of learning something new every day.

Prior to Marketplace, Collins reported for newspapers in Ore., Ala. and Cambodia.

Collins received her bachelor’s degree from Western Washington University and attended Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, receiving honors in radio. She speaks some Spanish, French, Khmer and Arabic.

A native of Samish Island, Wash., (where Collins drove a farming combine for three summers in high school, harvesting peas) she currently lives in Los Angeles where she can be found scrambling up hillsides and running through the streets, as well as showing movies in her backyard for her neighbors in Hollywood.

Features By Jennifer Collins



Television advertising makes a comeback

As television networks prepare for next season's big new shows, CBS and others say advertisers are ready to buy some prime time.
Posted In: Entertainment

iPad 2 expected to rule tablet market

Apple's latest iPad is debuting today, and expected to easily fight off tablet competitors.

A loan option for those with bad or not credit

Many banks are cutting interest rates for their best credit customers, but for most of the population, credit is still hard to come by. One option for some in California is a fast growing company that offers loans to low income Latinos.

CliffsNotes goes digital

The yellow shortcut guidebooks to literature are hoping to go viral with online videos co-produced by reality show producer Mark Burnett.

Job growth still won't be big enough for a while

Although today's jobs report should reveal more jobs added than we've seen in a long time, don't expect unemployment to reach pre-recession levels soon.
Posted In: Jobs

Who needs the MPAA?

Former U.S. Senator Christopher Dodd will become the head of the Motion Picture Association of America. It used to be one of the most powerful lobbies in Washington. But the business of show business has changed.
Posted In: Entertainment

What's 'essential' in health care

The Institute of Medicine is meeting this week to determine what constitutes 'essential' medical care -- which under the health care reform, will be guaranteed to all Americans.
Posted In: Health

Redevelopment agencies may lose state funding

The Academy Awards ceremony this weekend in taking place at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood and Highland, a project that was partly funded by a community redevelopment agency. States may no longer have that sort of money to give to future projects.

Apple shareholders curious about succession plan

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been on medical leave since last month. Shareholders are pushing the company to reveal who would take over the company should he leave permanently.

NBA lockout

The National Basketball Association and its players square off over new contract. Threat of lockout looms.
Posted In: Sports


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