Jeff Tyler is a reporter for Marketplace’s Los Angeles bureau and reports on issues related to immigration and Latin America. Tyler began his career at Marketplace producing and editing stories and in 2000 his desire to report allowed him to move to the other side of the microphone becoming a foreign correspondent for the program. Tyler admits that working for Marketplace has given him a crash course in world economics. His work has taken him from Argentina and Brazil to Indonesia and Pakistan. A California native, Tyler is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley. After college, he worked for a travel guide company, writing a guide for Honduras and editing a travel guide for Mexico.


Features by Jeff Tyler

Outsourcing intelligence jobs

Ever since 9/11, the U.S. intelligence sector has been on a hiring spree. Critics say the rush to fill desks is leading to some imprudent choices. Jeff Tyler reports.
Posted In: Washington

Taking federal issues into their own hands

What happens when a state like California jumps into issues usually reserved for Congress? Jeff Tyler reports. First in <a href=""><strong>The Real Agenda</strong></a> series.

Happy birthday . . . index funds!

It's time to wish happy birthday to one of the more popular market investments: Index funds just turned 30. But why isn't everyone cheering? Jeff Tyler reports.
Posted In: Investing

California going greener

A bill lands on the desk of California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger today requiring the Golden State to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020. Jeff Tyler reports.

Whistleblower takes his case to YouTube

A disgruntled engineer at Lockheed Martin went on to expose a series of security flaws in a $24 billion contract won by his company. Jeff Tyler reports.
Posted In: Washington

China putting $5 billion into Venezuelan oil

Venezuela's energy minister said today that China will invest $5 billion on Venezuela's oil infrastructure. That mirrors a worldwide trend as China taps more oil from foreign sources. Jeff Tyler reports.
Posted In: Canada

Mission: Spy expo

Each year, Raleigh, North Carolina, hosts a meeting of spies where the public can meet real, live James Bonds &mdash; and sometimes endure a sales pitch at the same time. Jeff Tyler has the story.

Tom Cruise as investment strategy

After 14 years Paramount Pictures has said it'll end ties with megastar Tom Cruise. His camp announced they'll finance future projects using hedge fund money. Jeff Tyler has the story.
Posted In: Investing

Californians movin' out

It seems that "California Dreamin'" isn't quite as ideal as it used to be for many Americans. There's evidence that suggests people and businesses are headed out of state. Jeff Tyler has the story.

Northwest Airlines strike on hold

Northwest flight attendants won't begin random walkouts tomorrow night due to the new security concerns at airports. But if the airline doesn't reach a deal in the next 10 days, it could be facing the end. Jeff Tyler reports.


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