Jeff Tyler is a reporter for Marketplace’s Los Angeles bureau and reports on issues related to immigration and Latin America. Tyler began his career at Marketplace producing and editing stories and in 2000 his desire to report allowed him to move to the other side of the microphone becoming a foreign correspondent for the program. Tyler admits that working for Marketplace has given him a crash course in world economics. His work has taken him from Argentina and Brazil to Indonesia and Pakistan. A California native, Tyler is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley. After college, he worked for a travel guide company, writing a guide for Honduras and editing a travel guide for Mexico.


Features by Jeff Tyler

Conflict in Ukraine goes online

A look at the efforts on either side – and possible third parties - in the Ukraine/Russia spat to cripple infrastructure and cause economic difficulty.
Posted In: ukraine

Sochi 2014 #NBCFail? Or is the network an Olympic winner?

Some sports fans have slammed the decision to delay broadcasting the Opening Ceremony, but NBC doesn't seem to be losing revenues by not going live
Posted In: Olympics, 2014 Winter Olympics, Sochi, NBC

Free checking accounts weren't making banks money. Go figure.

More and more banks introduce fees for checking accounts
Posted In: Banks, Credit Cards, debit cards, bank fees

No benefits for the rich

A proposal to extend long-term unemployment benefits would exclude Americans who make more than $1Million a year.
Posted In: unemployment insurance, millionaire benefits

Government operates as 'matchmaker' for U.S. business in Mexico

On a trade mission to Mexico, Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker will play matchmaker for U.S. companies looking for new business partners.
Posted In: Mexico

When oil money runs dry

Big oil companies have to go farther and use expensive, new technology to tap oil deposits
Posted In: fracking, energy, Exxon

Banks look to exit commodities

Regulators are starting to take a closer look at the industry.
Posted In: commodities, JP Morgan, Volcker Rule

Drug cartels have an offer you can (and should) refuse

Mexican drug cartels increasingly use small businesses in the U.S. to launder their criminal revenues.
Posted In: money-laundering, drug cartel, Mexican cartel

Bank profits bonanza

Banks release their fourth quarter earnings numbers this week. They're likely to be healthy, thanks to the stock market.
Posted In: Wall Street, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase

Prospects bleak for long-term unemployed

As Congress considers extending federal benefits, the long-term unemployed find it harder to find a job with every day they're out of the workforce.
Posted In: unemployment benefits, long-term unemployment


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