Jeff Tyler is a reporter for Marketplace’s Los Angeles bureau and reports on issues related to immigration and Latin America. Tyler began his career at Marketplace producing and editing stories and in 2000 his desire to report allowed him to move to the other side of the microphone becoming a foreign correspondent for the program. Tyler admits that working for Marketplace has given him a crash course in world economics. His work has taken him from Argentina and Brazil to Indonesia and Pakistan. A California native, Tyler is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley. After college, he worked for a travel guide company, writing a guide for Honduras and editing a travel guide for Mexico.

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Iran economy weak even before new sanctions

While Iran faces off against the international community, it faces a crisis of economic confidence at home.
Posted In: Iran, sanctions

Resurgent labor unions in Ohio could tip presidential race

Supporters and foes of collective bargaining rights will spend big on the presidential race in Ohio. Labor unions claim the issue has rallied their members.
Posted In: unions, collective bargaining rights, Ohio

Minimum wage raise for lowest paid

Eight states raised the minimum wage on Jan. 1. For one worker on the receiving end, it's the difference of being able to buy toothpaste.
Posted In: minimum wage

Home care workers may get minimum wage, overtime

The administration's proposal could help a growing industry retain workers. But some say high labor costs could limit care for the elderly and disabled.
Posted In: health care, labor, Labor Department

Efforts to improve taxi safety in Chicago

New laws in Chicago, Ill. are meant to make it safer to ride in cabs, but it could also drive up the cost of leasing a taxi.
Posted In: Chicago, taxicabs, taxi

In Napa, civic leaders try to grow a Hispanic middle class

California community takes an innovative approach to move Hispanic immigrants up the economic ladder
Posted In: Immigration, napa valley

Will the U.K.'s relationship with Europe change?

Britain was the only EU member not to agree to the new treaty signed last week. How will that affect relations going forward?
Posted In: Eurozone, Europe debt crisis, Britain, david cameron

JCPenney takes a stake in Martha Stewart

JCPenney will open Martha Stewart shops in its department stores, in a bid to take on Macy's and other big retailers.
Posted In: JC Penney, Martha Stewart, Retail

Cable TV angry about NFL broadcast deals

The price for NFL games is soaring, and some worry a recent deal with ESPN threatens cable TV's business model.
Posted In: football, NFL, cable TV

Obama attends Boeing plane sale

President Obama will be at a signing ceremony Friday in Indonesia for the purchase of more than 200 Boeing planes by Indonesian airline Lion Air. The $22 billion deal could mean more than 110,000 jobs here at home.
Posted In: Jobs, Boeing


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