Jeff Horwich is the interim host of Marketplace Morning Report and a sometime-Marketplace reporter. He is the former host of "In The Loop" from Minnesota Public Radio and a former business and economics correspondent for MPR. He is a graduate of Duke University and has a Master's in applied economics from the University of Minnesota.


Features by Jeff Horwich

Beginning a critical season for U.S. retail

It's no surprise that this time of year marks the beginning of an important period for the strength of retail in America. But is the outlook full of holiday cheer?
Posted In: Retail, online shopping, holiday shopping

PODCAST: France, Hewlett-Packard get hit hard

Today's greatest hits: One to France's credit rating, and another to Hewlett-Packard. The reported raids on convenience store Twinkie stashes across the country may have been for nothing. We'll talk about what all these big money politcal donors are up to post-election and consider whethere there's anything you can really do, in the end, about your inevitable mid-life crisis.

HP blames quarterly loss on Autonomy fraud

Hewlett Packard says fraud is behind the big quarterly loss it unveiled this morning. The personal computing company is writing down $9 billion because of what it calls financial "misrepresentations" by a company it acquired last year.
Posted In: Meg Whitman, Hp, Hewlett-Packard, fraud

France's credit rating downgraded by Moody's

Europe's second largest economy, France, has just had its AAA credit rating downgraded by the rating agency Moody's.
Posted In: France, Moody's, downgrade

PODCAST: Obama in Myanmar, a chat with Chobani Greek Yogurt CEO

President Obama is on a visit through Asia. Will his visit open up Southeast Asia economies? Congress is considering changes in the $80 Billion food stamp program, known as SNAP. Chobani founder and CEO Hamdi Ulukaya shares his views on the yogurt company's success. And the Long Island Power Authority is facing criticism for the way it responded to superstorm Sandy.

Report: Average credit card debt rises

Credit report company TransUnion is reporting the average credit card debt per borrower grew five percent in the latest quarter and average debt is now almost $5,000.
Posted In: credit card debt

Chobani's overnight billionaire

Chobani founder and CEO Hamdi Ulukaya shares his views on the yogurt company's success, plans for the future, and what Chobani has meant for the region around South Edmeston, New York.
Posted In: yogurt, Food

Walmart expands investigation into bribery allegations

The retailer is broadening an investigation into whether its international operations have violated U.S. corruption laws.
Posted In: Walmart

PODCAST: Hostess to close, Dali on auction

Hostess Brands has filed for permission to liquidate. Congressional leaders say they've had constructive talks with the president over the fiscal cliff. But would no deal actually mean more money for the states? You can bid on a signed sketch by Salvador Dali that someone dropped off at a Washington Goodwill. And we talk with Eddie Money.

No fiscal cliff solution could mean increase in capital gains

Without a fiscal cliff solution, capital gains taxes will increase by two-thirds in 2013. How are investors gearing up for the possible increase?
Posted In: fiscal cliff, capital gains, Taxes


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