Jeff Horwich is the interim host of Marketplace Morning Report and a sometime-Marketplace reporter. He is the former host of "In The Loop" from Minnesota Public Radio and a former business and economics correspondent for MPR. He is a graduate of Duke University and has a Master's in applied economics from the University of Minnesota.


Features by Jeff Horwich

Are mobile ads finally bringing in the bucks?

The future of ad revenues at Facebook is looking somewhat brighter than most had expected.
Posted In: mobile, advertising

Podcast: Seventh time's a charm and is Sprint moving towards data dominance?

Japan has its seventh leader in six years. What politicians can learn from the Bush-era tax cuts as they negotiate to avoid the fiscal cliff. Sprint acquires Clearwire and possibly signals a step towards more data, faster. And checking in with Hoboken, N.J., after Hurricane Sandy.

Short term wins could spell long term losses in fiscal debate

The process of pushing through those Bush tax cuts 12 years ago might seem like ancient history, but some say we could stand to go back in time and learn from it.
Posted In: fiscal cliff, Bush tax cuts, Bush, Barack Obama

U.S. opts out of United Nations Internet agreement

The U.S. has advocated policy backed by major tech players like Google -- that Internet regulation needs a light touch, if any.

PODCAST: Consumers spending, an international Internet agreement

U.S. Inflation: Wrapped up tight -- with a bow on top. We'll talk falling consumer prices, and find out why the US and its allies want nothing to do with a new international treaty to regulate the Internet. We'll also hit on the long-lost proposal to call up a U.S. National Guard of Geeks, and get the story behind what I think is one of the best company names I've ever heard: Jewpon.

The importance of technology during natural disasters

On Monday, Congress takes up a $60 billion recovery package for areas affected by Superstorm Sandy. When the lights went out and the floodwaters moved in, people needed food and sandbags, sure -- but they also needed information and connectivity.
Posted In: Hurricane Sandy, technology, natural disasters

PODCAST: 'One bank to rule them all' and the Pope tweets

The first real look at holiday retail sales. In Europe today: 'One bank to rule them all' -- a big step closer to a banking union. Google Maps is back for iPhone -- could this actually be good for Apple? And speaking of Apple, what happens when you give an iPad to the Pope?

To some, Google Maps app is a win for Apple

The new Google Maps app, released late yesterday for iPhone, may not be so unwelcome.
Posted In: apple, Google, iPhone5, google maps

Optimism at the mall: Retail sales up

Despite some worries about consumer demand this holiday season, U.S. retail sales rose 0.3% in November.
Posted In: Retail, Federal Reserve

PODCAST: What's next for right-to-work, buying your own island

What's next for right-to-work: We'll look ahead after the big vote in Michigan, talk about the economics of the North Korean missile launch, and talk with the author of Encyclopedia Paranoica -- a big fat book of all the horrible threats under which we somehow continue to live our lives.


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