Jeff Horwich is the interim host of Marketplace Morning Report and a sometime-Marketplace reporter. He is the former host of "In The Loop" from Minnesota Public Radio and a former business and economics correspondent for MPR. He is a graduate of Duke University and has a Master's in applied economics from the University of Minnesota.


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PODCAST: Meatloaf and new beetles invasion

The riddle of third-quarter GDP: Consumers consuming, but business ain't booming. China's reaction to a New York Times expose on the country's leader. A new beetles invasion -- this time, the main casualty is not wilting teenage girls, it's Canadian lumber and cost of building U.S. homes.

PODCAST: Protest mail, air travel gale

A new report that suggests the U.S. might not be spending enough money on the right airports. New data on durable goods, jobless claims, and pending home sales are out this morning. And, why people around the world are putting their toenails in the mail.

U.S. global air travel doubles since 1990

International air travel to and from the U.S. has more than doubled in the last 20 years to 152 million trips in 2011 according to a new report from the Bookings Institution.
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Shorter unemployment lines encourage economists

Last week's initial claims for unemployment are out, and they seem to resume a positive jobs trend that had been interrupted by a couple of hiccups in recent weeks.
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PODCAST: What's in a name, Blue Ivy and the Weather Channel

The littler iPad -- a little late to the party -- not Apple's usual timing. A breakdown of all the China-talk from last night's debate, and are businesses that took stimulus money now supporting politicians against the program?

UPS and 3M lower earnings forecasts

Earnings season continues this morning with a couple of giants: 3M and UPS. What do their earnings tell us about the state of the economy?

iPad Mini aims to fill tablet-smartphone gap

In two hours tech types will gather round their screens big and small for the latest unveiling from Apple. It is widely believed the presentation will introduce a smaller version of the iPad.
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Picking sides on the stimulus

Are businesses that received money from the federal stimulus package now backing republicans who oppose the program?

PODCAST: Too big to fail or too big to succeed?

There will be a lot of focus on who wins and loses tonight's final presidential debate, but there's sure to be one loser: China. Also get ready for Windows 8, and will changing CEOs really fix what's wrong at Citigroup?

Allan Sloan: Is Citigroup 'too big to succeed'?

Citigroup has not come roaring out of the financial crisis like Goldman Sachs or JPMorgan Chase. Some analysts think the problems at Citigroup are inherent to the "one-stop-shopping" business model that Citigroup pioneered in the 1990s.
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