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Government report blames Fukushima disaster on culture

A Japanese government report on the Fukushima nuclear crisis puts the blame squarely on culture -- namely, a cozy relationship between politicians, regulators and the nuclear power industry. It goes so far as to suggest the accident might have occurred even without an earthquake and tsunami.
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China works on importing North Korean workers

Despite being the biggest country in the world, China is having something of a labor shortage. So it's importing tens of thousands of North Koreans to work in low-wage jobs in factories.
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Fireworks sellers going strong despite heat, cancellations

With forecasts of excessive heat, rainstorms, and fire danger, a number of communities are calling off their fireworks celebrations this year. And of course local government budgets have also been under strain lately.
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Where they celebrate Independence Day in the U.K.

George Washington's ancestral home in England, Washington Old Hall, is an historic estate which might be the only place in the U.K. that throws a party for our Independence Day.
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What's so bad about off-label uses of medication?

GlaxoSmithKline, the huge British drug-maker, will pay $3 billion in fines and compensation to the U.S. government and the states. They are in trouble for marketing drugs for off-label uses of its drugs.
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Barclays CEO, COO step down over LIBOR rate manipulation

The CEO of Barclays Bank in London's is resigning -- and, just this hour it looks like we can add the COO -- the chief operating officer -- as well. Last week the bank settled with U.S. and European regulators over allegations it manipulated the "Libor" interest rates to its own advantage.
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The economic challenges that Egypt still faces

Just one week ago Mohamed Morsi moved into the Egyptian presidential palace. Egypt has the region's third-largest economy, but income per-person is near the bottom.
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The newest location of a Mitt Romney ad

Much of the coverage of campaign spending and ads in the last few years has centered around big donors, and money coming in from super PACS. But one Romney supporter has used his money in a slightly different arena: The soccer field.
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Airbus to build assembly plant in Alabama

The European airplane maker plans to build its first U.S. assembly plant in Alabama. Why and what does this mean for rival Boeing?
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Why insider traders are big targets for prosecution

The brother of Bernie Madoff pleaded guilty on Friday and he's looking at 10 years in prison. But why are there so many insider trading prosecutions, but hardly any other prosecutions of the big fish on Wall Street?
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