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Bernanke makes case for Fed action

Clues this morning on the Federal Reserve intentions to help the economy. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told a conference in Boston that more action from the Fed is needed. Janet Babin reports.
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EPA to OK more ethanol in gasoline

The Environmental Protection Agency is expected to announce an increase in the amount of ethanol allowed in gasoline. Reporter Janet Babin talks with Bill Radke about why some environmentalists oppose that increase and whether consumers will be able to tell if they're buying gas with ethanol in it.
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Google to fund wind power project

Google is investing in an estimated $5 billion power transmission system off the East Coast, with the goal of carrying energy from future offshore wind turbines to millions of Mid-Atlantic homes. Reporter Janet Babin talks with Bill Radke about how big of a project this is.

College educated more likely to marry

Marriage overall has declined, but a new study finds that people without college degrees are delaying marriage, whereas more of their bachelor's-holding counterparts are tying the knot, in a reversal of marriage trends.

Companies buying back own stock, instead of hiring

Many companies are sitting on piles of cash. They aren't hiring, so what are they doing with that money? Buying up their own stocks.
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Deep discounts may make another appearance this holiday season

Consumer spending is slowly creeping up and retailers may have busier stores during the upcoming holiday season -- but they'll have to keep the discounts of seasons past to get shoppers through the door.
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What's so special about gold?

Gold prices continue to reach new heights. Marketplace's Janet Babin looks into why gold is valued so much, especially when you can't exactly use it to buy something at the store.

Some retailers starting to raise prices

Consumer spending went up a wee bit in August. After two years of selling at bargain prices -- and getting consumers addicted to low low prices -- can retailers start raising prices now?
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JPMorgan Chase halt foreclosures due to faulty paperwork

Faulty foreclosure paperwork and 'robo-signers' who sign off on them are the reason that JPMorgan Chase is halting foreclosure proceedings in 23 states.
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A tall order for BP's incoming CEO

BP's incoming Chief Executive Bob Dudley takes the helm shortly, but already he's shaking things up. He's ousted one top manager and announced a new safety czar. But it may take more than a change at the top to reform BP's culture. Janet Babin reports.
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