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Seasonal prices are boosting retail sales

Good news came from the Commerce Department today: it seems like retail sales numbers are up, thanks to auto sales and regular consumer spending. But taking a deeper look into the numbers, Janet Babin reports that it may all be more due to the season than actual spending.
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Leave the family finances to the math whiz

Money figures a lot into relationships, and there can usually be a difference to how each partner handles their finances. But one study says that the financial planning should really be handled by the one who knows the numbers. Janet Babin reports.
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Pop-up stores keep popping up

Before the recession, pop-up stores were typically limited to Halloween costume shops and Christmas stores. But everyone from online retailers to established brick-and-mortar stores are now debuting pop-ups.

Labor Board says employees can talk about work on social media

So it's probably not the best idea to complain about your boss on Twitter or Facebook -- but the National Labor Relations Board argues that workers have the right to discuss working conditions on social media, positive or otherwise.
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BankUnited's IPO likely to attract investors

BankUnited had to be saved by the FDIC a few years ago, only to later be bought out by private investors. As of last week, the company announced it is set to go public again, and the numbers are looking good for those looking to invest. Janet Babin reports.
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BankUnited to go public

We could soon see the second coming of a poster child for the mortgage mess. Miami-based BankUnited went belly up after filling up on risky adjustable rate mortgages. Then the government swooped in and sold BankUnited to a group of private equity firms. Now those investors have announced they're ready to take the bank public. Janet Babin reports.
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Nordstrom to open concept store in New York City

Not many details have been released yet about the store, but the chain did say that it will give ALL the profits the store makes to charity. Marketplace's Janet Babin looks at what's in it for the chain.
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Will Williams' firing affect fundraising?

Longtime NPR news analyst Juan Williams was fired for violating NPR's ethics policies. For public radio stations, the timing and the backlash is less than ideal. Janet Babin reports.

Macy's collaborates for limited-edition lines

In another trial by fire approach by retailers to try to attract more customers, Macy's has announced that it will collaborate with designers to offer limited-edition sales. Will it bring in the buyers? Janet Babin reports.
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A settlement in the Countrywide case?

A meeting is scheduled in the fraud and insider trading case against three former Countrywide Financial executives. Reports say this signal that the SEC may have reached a settlement against the executives. Reporter Janet Babin talks the details with Bill Radke.
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