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Investors say Twitter is worth $3.7 billion

Twitter is a simple concept: users send out short messages and follow the people they're interested in. But now, investors value the company at $3.7 billion, much higher than before.

Wells Fargo calls for tougher regulation

Financial times reports Wells Fargo wants banks to keep more of the loans they make on their books -- rather than selling them to investors. Janet Babin explains.
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Federal mortgage modification program HAMP takes criticism

There is more criticism for a federal mortgage modification program included in the TARP bailout. TARP's congressional watchdog says HAMP has left billions of federal dollars unspent and millions of homeowners dissatisfied. Janet Babin reports.

JC Penney opens a new store -- on Facebook

Department store JC Penney wants to turn Facebook fans into shoppers. It's one of the first major retailers to launch a web-store inside Facebook. Janet Babin has more.
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Lower court judge declares part of Obama's healthcare law unconstitutional

It looks like President Obama's healthcare law will be decided by the Supreme Court. Yesterday a lower court judge declared part of the law unconstitutional. Janet Babin has more.
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Google enters ebooks market

The search engine giant began selling ebooks online today, putting it in direct competition with other major Internet booksellers like Amazon, Apple and Barnes and Noble. And the rivalry could become a real page turner, reports Janet Babin.
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New York City could be the new tech mecca, thanks to Google

Google has reportedly moved to buy an office building in New York's West Chelsea neighborhood for about $2 billion. Janet Babin has more.
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The cost of returns

With the big holiday shopping season upon us, it'll be soon that retailers will have to start dealing with customer returns. And while consumers will be getting back their money, many retailers won't. Janet Babin reports on how return policies might be changing.
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Bailout saved banks, but could allow others to take risks

The Federal Reserve released a load of documents that revealed the names and numbers involved in the emergency bailout. Janet Babin reports on what all these new details mean.
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Would a foreclosure fund work?

State attorneys general who have been investigating the foreclosure mess are said to be close to a deal with some of the big mortgage lenders. One part of the package is a foreclosure fund, probably funded by banks to compensate homeowners who were wrongfully foreclosed on. Would it work?
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