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Is the commercial real estate market getting back to normal?

The sale of the landmark Hancock Tower building in Boston may be a sign of a return to normalcy in the commercial real estate market, some say.
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Finding deals costs money

More than 35 million people subscribe to Groupon's daily online coupon offers. So why does the company need money? Janet Babin reports.
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Tech shares in high demand on private market

Popular tech companies like Facebook and Twitter have billion-dollar estimated values, which are all based on what investors are willing to pay on the private secondary market. But that sort of trading may be getting too popular for its own good.
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Snowstorms stall post-holiday shopping

Retailers lost profits during the key weekend of the post-holiday season, as many shoppers opted to stay home. Marketplace's Janet Babin reports.
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How bad will the municipal bond market get?

There has been some talk that the municipal bond market is going to bring trouble, and an analyst predicts hundreds of billions of dollars in defaults. Janet Babin looks into the matter.
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Net neutrality rules could still allow for advantages

The FCC voted on new rules for net neutrality today, prohibiting unreasonable discrimination on the Internet. But as Janet Babin reports, there still might be enough loopholes to allow advantages.
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How net neutrality might affect your Internet use

The Federal Communications Commission is set to vote tomorrow on net neutrality, which enforce an even playing field for all Internet websites, big or small. Some argue that such rules are unnecessary.
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FDA says Avastin can't be used to treat breast cancer

The FDA says the world's best selling cancer medication can't be used to treat breast cancer. The drug is called Avastin. And it's made by the pharmaceutical company Roche.

The numbers of the tax cut compromise

Marketplace's Steve Chiotakis talks with Janet Babin about the numbers of the tax cut compromise passed by Congress, and what they mean for tax payers.

Home building numbers are up, foreclosure numbers are down

The number of new homes people started to build was up in November, more than expected. Couple that with news from RealtyTrac that there were 21 percent fewer foreclosure filings for the month, and you could be thinking the housing market's on the rebound. Janet Babin has more.


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