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These Wal-Mart items are pricey

A Walton heir pays high prices to stock her new museum in Bentonville -- and the family contributes $800 million.

Cities face hurdles in foreclosure cases

Los Angeles is suing Deutsche Bank for neglecting foreclosed homes, joining other cities trying to get banks to pay for neighborhood blight.
Posted In: Housing

Colleges make up for financial loss on 'don't ask, don't tell'

The 18-year-old policy is on its way out. And for some schools that means federal funds are on the way in.
Posted In: Education

School budgets up for a vote

It's that time again in cities and towns across the country. We take an inside look at the battle in Cherry Hill, N.J.
Posted In: Education

Jury rules against Mattel in Bratz doll case

The seven-year battle between rival toy companies over who owns Bratz dolls has finally ended. A federal jury says Mattel must pay Bratz doll-maker MGA Entertainment Inc. $88 million in damages.
Posted In: Retail

MLB takes over Los Angeles Dodgers

Major League Baseball has moved to seize control of the Dodgers from owner Frank McCourt -- a rare move that could have a high price.
Posted In: Sports

First quarter tech earnings soar

Despite predictions that supply shortages from Japan would hurt production, the tech industry has reported strong earnings in the first quarter, and Janet Babin explains.

Goldman Sachs profits beat expectations

Goldman Sachs reported first quarter earnings of $1.56 a share today, after posting a huge decrease in first quarter profits, as Janet Babin explains.
Posted In: Investing

FAA proposes more sleep to keep controllers awake

Air traffic controllers will get an extra hour off between shifts to prevent on-the-job napping, according to new rules from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration
Posted In: Airlines

Southeast U.S. copes after deadly tornadoes

This weekend's storm system that spawned more than 200 tornadoes has left the southeast reeling today. Janet Babin reports from Durham, N.C. about the painful -- and expensive -- rebuilding process.


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