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Do more 747s signal airline recovery?

Airlines trimmed their fleets as the recession hit and stored their planes in the desert. But cargo and passenger volume are up, so a few major airlines are pulling mothballed 747s out of storage and back into service. Janet Babin reports on what that means for the industry.
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Early puberty linked with obesity

Another study confirms that girls are reaching puberty earlier. Aside from the social dilemmas these kids may have to side step, early development is linked to obesity. And over time, the medical issues linked to obesity catapult national health care costs into the billions. Janet Babin reports.
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Crop Mobs build community on the farm

There's a movement afoot for the landless to help out on sustainable and community farms -- not for money, but not for free either. The model of this movement is based on an age old economic model: the barter system. Janet Babin reports.
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Lollapalooza expected to do well, despite antitrust investigation

Lollapalooza kicks off this Friday in Chicago, and despite an investigation is expected to sell out.
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Susan G. Komen fights for trademark

Susan G. Komen For the Cure, the breast cancer charity, has warned several other charities to stay away from its trademarked phrase: "Race for the Cure." And watch out if you use the color pink. Janet Babin reports.
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BLT sandwiches and pork ribs more expensive this summer

Pork prices typically rise in the summer, when there's more demand, but after a few tough years for the hog market, the price for bacon and pork ribs are even higher than usual.
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Fed concerned about deflation

A new report from a regional Federal Reserve presidents says the Fed needs to keep an eye on decreasing prices.
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SEC charges billionaire Wyly brothers with 13-year fraud

In a new civil charge, the SEC is accusing two prominent Dallas billionaire brothers of making millions in a 13-year fraud.
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Home foreclosures up in first half of the year

In RealtyTrac's mid-year report, the real estate data company says the U.S. housing market is in for a long, painful recovery.
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Wall Streeters won't be at Obama fundraisers

President Obama is holding some high-profile fundraisers in Manhattan tonight for the Democrats, but Wall Street players aren't expected to attend.
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