Features by Jane Lindholm

Big-screen Gore

Paramount releases Al Gore's documentary about the dangers of global warming. Jane Lindholm looks at the studio's strategy to get it into theaters.

Surf's down, dude

News that a top supplier of foam surfboard cores planned to close up shop touched off fears of a pending surfboard shortage. But as Jane Lindholm reports, a new manufacturer is ready to fill the void.

Ski resorts and global warming

The week between Christmas and New Year's is traditionally the busiest of the year for ski resorts. But many aren't just fighting with competitors to stay afloat. They're also fighting a changing climate. Jane Lindholm has more.


Kwanzaa begins today. The seven-day secular holiday was started in 1966 by Maulana Ron Karenga, as a celebration of African-American culture. It has been growing ever since, and now retailers are jumping on the holiday bandwagon. Marketplace's Jane Lindholm has more.

Air traffic turbulence

Mediators have been asked to help calm contentious contract talks between the FAA and the union representing the nation's air traffic controllers. Jane Lindholm reports.

One Laptop per Child -- cool

Unveiled today: A prototype $100 laptop computer, designed for distribution to millions of students in developing countries. It has a hand crank for power. Who wouldn't love this? Jane Lindholm reports.

Got a C-note? Get a computer.

MIT has just unveiled the design for a $100 dollar laptop. It's intended to help students in developing countries have access to technology. Jane Lindholm reports.


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