Features by Jacqueline Guzman

For Millenials, it's time to take charge

Millenials have been dealt a bad financial hand. Experts share a few tips to make it better.
Posted In: Millennial Generation

Getting away from the office is getting harder to do

A new survey finds Americans more tethered to work by their mobile devices than they ever were to landlines.
Posted In: technology, tethering, work-life balance, mobile, Work, office

U.S. teens: 'Dude, what's a debit card?'

A quarter of U.S. teens don’t know the difference between debit and credit, according to a new survey by ING DIRECT USA. Give your teen a reality check with expert advice.
Posted In: Kids and money, credit

Let's get physical. Oops, I mean financial!

Americans are more likely to rate themselves physically fit than financially healthy, a recent survey finds. Whip your finances back into shape with expert advice.
Posted In: Money Matters, finance, Health, consumer behavior
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