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Holiday shoppers choose cash, debit over credit this year

Consumers already crawling out of debt will be leaving their credit cards in their wallet this holiday shopping season. Jaclyn Giovis reports.
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Shoppers go big on Black Friday, Cyber Monday

Roughly 212 million Americans went shopping for the official start of the holiday shopping season spending an estimated $45 billion. Retailers were ready with low prices and online gimmicks to encourage you to spend some money.
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U.S. economy grew by 2.5 percent from July-September

Increased consumer spending and stronger sales of American goods abroad helped the U.S. economy grow 2.5 percent between July and September, the U...
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Federal judge to consider dismissing lawsuits against Toyota for alleged sudden acceleration defects

Toyota's powers of persuasion will be put to the test in federal court today. A U.S. District court judge in California is scheduled to consider...
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GM IPO: Automaker's shares open at $35 a share, beating expectations

General Motors returned to the New York Stock exchange today with shares opening at $35 per share and rising to about $36 in early trading, marking...
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Homeowners who lost their homes because of the "robo-signing" paperwork mess could be getting some hopeful news.

Homeowners who lost their homes because of the "robo-signing" paperwork mess could be getting some hopeful news....
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How much will Brits pay for the royal wedding?

Imagine if U.S. taxpayers were forced to foot the bill for White House weddings. Revolt! As pictures of Prince William and his future wife Kate...
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Four Loko drops caffeine from its beverages amid an expected FDA ban

What do you have when mix you four beers with two cups of coffee? Some call it Four Loko - the canned beverage sold by Chicago-based Phusion Pro...
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Financial crisis could result from mortgage documentation issues

Homeowners struggling to avoid foreclosure may not have experienced the worst of their financial woes. Mortgage documentation issues that led to foreclosure moratoriums at many banks could lead to another financial crisis, according to a Congressional Oversight Panel report released Tuesday.
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Retail numbers are up, just in time for the holidays

As we head into the holiday season, retailers had some good news today -- October sales are up 1.2 percent, beating expectations. Jaclyn Giovis explains.
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