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Intel's new celebrity front man:

The driving force behind the Black Eyed Peas,, has a new gig - he's the director of creative innovation at the chip maker Intel Corp. ...
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Less than half of U.S. students are proficient in science

Science is a tough subject for most U.S. students -- so tough that they aren't meeting average proficiency levels in the subject, according to re...
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The Mob Economy: How much do you know about the mob's big business?

Federal authorities on Thursday announced the biggest mob bust in FBI history: a total of 127 mobsters and associates were charged for criminal a...
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Study: The bigger the Wal-Mart, the fatter the shoppers

If your New Years resolution is to lose weight, you better hope a Walmart Supercenter doesn't open up around the corner. A recent study found th...
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Orange crops squeezed by cold weather, incurable disease

Orange juice, an American breakfast table staple, may eventually become a rare treat if damaged crops continue to sour the citrus industry. For ...
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Starbucks Trenta holds more than the average stomach capacity

This graphic by Andrew Barr of the National Post is gaining some traction online. It compares the volume of the new, super-sized Starbucks Trenta -...
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Blockbuster and Borders -- two of a kind

Blockbuster and Borders appear to be stuck in the same boat - one that's sinking, anyway. Blockbuster Inc. is bankrupt because it couldn't keep ...
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Name the price on your sandwich

Panera Bread recently opened its third non-profit restaurant, where customers decide how much to pay for their food. Patrons at the new Panera Cares Cafe in Portland, Ore., will have to decide between a guilty conscience or a free lunch.
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Walgreens plans to sell fresh food in 400 stores

Walgreens customers soon may be able to knock several items off their to-do list without having to leave the store. Pick up prescriptions - chec...
Posted In: Food, grocery, Health, Walgreens

PHOTOS: Italy's Mount Etna erupts, spews lava and ash

Italy's Mount Etna stirred back to life overnight Wednesday, but only for a short while....
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