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Features by Ilya Marritz

Hurricane Sandy

What local government can learn from Hurricane Sandy

Changing climates put pressure on local government to boost financial resilience.
Posted In: Hurricane Sandy, disaster relief, natural disasters

When your safety net ... disappears

The number of jobless Americans who've lost their extended unemployment benefits has swelled to 1.7 million.
Posted In: unemployement, unemployment benefits, Congress

Same-sex marriage ruling could benefit certain states

New York and New Jersey have been competing for jobs for decades. Will federal recognition for same-sex marriage give New York an unexpected advantage?
Posted In: gay marriage, DOMA

This loan costs 5% of your salary... for the next decade

Young go-getters can get funding to pursue their dream careers through a startup called Pave. The catch? Prospects agree to fork over about five percent of their income for the following 10 years.
Posted In: loans, student loan, dreams, career, startup, Pave

Amazon unveils Kindle Fire

The tablet could be the first real rival to the iPad.
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