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The app Seamless processes delivery orders for thousands of restaurants.

New apps take aim at Seamless and Grubhub

Billions of dollars are being invested in new online systems for ordering takeout.
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New York chef turns food scraps into fine cuisine

The menu at Dan Barber's restaurant features dishes made only from food waste.
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Chinese companies look to invest in American real estate

For years, China shipped manufactured goods to the rest of the world. Now, Chinese companies are sitting on big cash reserves, and they’re looking to invest.
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They put the digits in New Year's glasses

Inventors came up with glasses for New Year's 1991 but market was eventually flooded with knockoffs.
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Hurricane Sandy

What local government can learn from Hurricane Sandy

Changing climates put pressure on local government to boost financial resilience.
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When your safety net ... disappears

The number of jobless Americans who've lost their extended unemployment benefits has swelled to 1.7 million.
Posted In: unemployement, unemployment benefits, Congress

Same-sex marriage ruling could benefit certain states

New York and New Jersey have been competing for jobs for decades. Will federal recognition for same-sex marriage give New York an unexpected advantage?
Posted In: gay marriage, DOMA

This loan costs 5% of your salary... for the next decade

Young go-getters can get funding to pursue their dream careers through a startup called Pave. The catch? Prospects agree to fork over about five percent of their income for the following 10 years.
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Amazon unveils Kindle Fire

The tablet could be the first real rival to the iPad.
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